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Your home’s paint does more than accentuate the natural beauty and architecture of your home, it provides a barrier that prevents surface deterioration, water infiltration, mold and mildew growth, infestations from pests, and so much more. We will analyze the exterior and interior paint of your home, which is the first step to improving your home’s performance and creating a healthier home.

"David and his crew recently breathed fresh life on my home by painting the exterior.  They took sufficient time to very carefully prepare the house in advance of applying the paint.  This involved thoroughly power spraying and very meticulously filling in and repairing stucco and exterior cracks.  They did a wonderful job with wood that had become dried and cracked. The transitions between the two colors that I chose are very even and clean.  David's attention to detail can be seen in the end result which is wonderful. A colleague of mine referred me to David.  He recently painted her house and she is very pleased too." -Mark R.

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